Our Story

Over the years we have aspired to promote the inclusion of Columbia Valley citizens who have developmental disabilities into the fabric of community life.


Since its inception in 1958, the Society has endeavored to promote the inclusion of the citizens of the Columbia Valley who have a developmental disability into the fabric of community life.  The Society began with the objective to honour the memory of the late Honourable R.R. Bruce, a resident of the District who gave generously of material wealth and Public Service for the good of the Community.

In the beginning, the primary focus was to establish at “Pynelogs” the Invermere home of the Honourable R.R. Bruce, bequeathed by him to the Community in the 1930’s, accommodation for both the elderly and the handicapped of the Windermere District according to their needs.  Focus also centered on encouraging and supplying Social Service and Recreational activity considered desirable for the welfare of the residents of the Windermere District.

Pynelogs also served as the local hospital and in 1961, became a seniors’ home, then a home for individuals with developmental disabilities.  By 1989 Pynelogs was vacated and residents moved to Mount Nelson Place, making it their permanent residence.  Prior to moving to Invermere, most MNP clients lived in various institutions around the province.  Our group of residents have become family and have aged together over the years.  Many of them held jobs or regularly volunteered in town.

Over the years the Society’s programs and services have expanded to include a wide variety of supports to individuals of all ages who have diverse-abilities.

Our Community Inclusion and Community Outreach program is developed and based on the needs and desires, interests and abilities, support preference and goals for inclusion of the individuals we serve.  Access and inclusion in welcoming environments which foster friendships, build connections with community and recognize the strengths and talents of everyone are our priority.  Individual programs are designed to support individuals to have rich lives.  We help clients to participate in the community by assisting them to make friends, go where they want to go and do what they want to do.