Our Mission

To build capacity for the inclusion of people with varying abilities. We promote diversity and provide innovative individualized services.

Our Purpose

To be a centre of excellence that inspires belonging and connection to the community.

Our Values

To ensure every client is given support, respect and safe environments in which healthy lifestyles can be promoted.

Code of Ethics and CARF

Our vision is for a community that welcomes and includes everyone.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics articulates general rules of conduct necessary to provide a high standard of service.
Each employee, volunteer, Director, student or contractor of the Organization is expected to conduct himself/herself towards residents, clients, fellow employees and others in the following manner:

  • To speak and act with respect and dignity, and deal judiciously with them, always mindful of their rights and sensitivities;
  • To respect the confidential nature of information and give it only to authorized persons or agencies directly concerned with their welfare;
  • To recognize that a privileged relationship exists and refrain from exploiting that relationship for private advantage;
  • To be willing to review the quality of service rendered and the practices employed in discharging his/her duties;
  • To direct any criticism of the performance and related duties of a co-worker to that co-worker, and only then, after informing said co-worker of the intent to do so, direct in confidence the criticism to the Manager who can offer advice and assistance.
  • To refrain from making unauthorized representation to outside bodies in the name of the Society.
  • To recognize professional boundaries have been established and exist at all times. This includes, but not limited to prohibiting personal relationships between employees; personal relationships between employees and clients and personal relationships between employees and Board members.

CARF Canada is an independent, nonprofit organization. Nationally and Internationally , it reviews and grants accreditation on request of a facility or program. CARF Standards are exhaustive, so those service providers that meet them are of the highest caliber.

In March, 2020 we welcomed CARF for our fourth accreditation survey. Attaining CARF accreditation verifies we satisfy each of the CARF Accreditation Conditions, indicating considerable conformance to the standards and use consistent quality improvement practices. Our records show we are committed to growth and evaluation of our programs and services.

We are privileged to work with CARF to ensure our services are the best for those we support, our staff and stakeholders.

For further information about CARF, please visit www.carfcanada.org

CARF Accreditation