Community Inclusion Program

Community Inclusion Program at WeCONNECT

Community Inclusion Services

Community Inclusion and Community Outreach programs have been developed and based on desires, interests, abilities, support preference and goals for inclusion of the clients we support.

Our Choices program enables clients to engage in daily outings in the community or activities at home.

Through a generous one-time grant supplied by the Columbia Valley Community Foundation, The CV Chamber of Commerce and WeCONNECT have partnered together to launch WelcomeCV, a volunteer program initiative introducing new valley residents and babies to our valley.  Through WeCONNECT’s Community Inclusion Program, our clients with diverse abilities are supported with opportunities to promote inclusion in the Columbia Valley through programs such as social engagement.  WelcomeCV provides an avenue for clients to interact with local business owners and agencies as well as welcoming newcomers.  Providing a wide range of social interaction, clients package welcome bags, help with delivery and report back to local businesses about their visits.  We believe this is a rewarding experience for our clients as they make meaning contributions to our community, meet new friends, while discovering important responsibilities which they can perform as residents of the Columbia Valley.